Thursday, April 12, 2018

Interview Feature - Sabrina Zuber and Dr. Thomas Manhart - Roots on 27 April 2018

Roots, the latest production by Bellepoque, is an exploration of European and Southeast Asian music during the belle epoque era of 1870 to 1915. It features performers from the fields of European classical and traditional Malay music among others. It features a cast of musicians that includes tenor Brendan-Keefe Au, sopranos Syakirah Noble and Sabrina Zuber, Syafiqah 'Adha Sallehin on the accordion and leader of the SOTA Malay Fusion Ensemble, with Dr. Robert Casteels on the piano and Dr. Thomas Manhart as narrator and music director. We speak to producer and performer Sabrina and musicologist Thomas to find out more.

Cast picture of Roots