Thursday, April 21, 2016

Free Tickets for Kids at 'Shrek the Musical'!

BASE Entertainment is offering free tickets for kids to Shrek the Musical. All you have to do is film a video and upload onto their Facebook Page. For the grown-ups, check out the Events Page to find out how to get tickets!

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Madagascar Live! at MBS - Till 24 Apr 2016

Bae Entertainment presents a live version of the animated film Madagascar. It looks to be a fun evening of song and dance for the kids and grown-ups. Check out the trailer below to find out what you can expect, and get your tickets via the Events Page!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Performance Review: The Joy Chorale with BHSO's 'Faure Requiem'

The Joy Chorale in Concert
with members of Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Khor Ai Ming
SOTA Concert Hall, Singapore
3rd April 2016

A Review by Hawk Liu

It was a joy to witness this Faure's Requiem concert. The Requiem was a lovely work and I looked forward to it and I wasn't disappointed. The small orchestral forces blended surprisingly well for the seemingly big sound it needs to drive. The orchestra worked well together to produce a beautiful soundscape that is so important in the work. There was a weird moment when the cellos did 'leave the soundsound' for a few seconds and another when the horns went strangely off pitch. Despite the hitches, it was a great ensemble.

The Joy Chorale handled the score well. Great alto passage in the second movement - beautifully blended and sung with a lovely tone. The tenors sang well in their solo passage in the first movement albeit soft due to their small number. One thing was certain though, the work was sung with passion throughout and there wasn't a moment when I didn't feel they cared about what they sang and that's a rare quality.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: Blue Man Group - 31 March 2016

The Blue Man Group on the first stop of their new international tour truly lived up to their tagline 'Experience Awesome'. Their show of two hours without intermission was a neon spectacle: a generous mix of sophisticated light and multimedia design, purcussion virtuosos on unusual instruments and gloriously weird humour that had both kids and adults belly laughing.

Singapore is the first stop of the new world tour which will make further stops in various South East Asian and East Asian countries. It consists of scenes from the group's 25 year existence since it first began off-Broadway in 1991, as well as new ones developed with today's technological advancements in mind.