Wednesday, August 25, 2021

' Songs Of Hope & Yearning' in Review

By Jeremy Lee

22 Aug, 2021

If one wants to perform “live” amid a pandemic, persistence is a requirement, especially if it involves singing in Singapore.

When 4 friends decided to put on a vocal recital in 2020, they probably didn’t foresee that their dream would be postponed a few times, thanks to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities.

On Sunday, 22 August - almost a year from their initial date - it finally took place with the title Songs Of Hope & Yearning, possibly an inadvertent reflection of our collective desire to be free from this pandemic.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

The Mad Scene LIVE | Ep.1. Hosted by Steven Ang Featuring Special Guest Martin Ng

The Mad Scene LIVE | Episode 1 | Hosted by Steven Ang with special guest Martin Ng

Based on the popular arts e-zine The Mad Scene from Singapore comes a talkshow interviewing performance arts personalities in Singapore and beyond, particularly in the fields of opera, theatre and classical music.


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