Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Belle Epoque presents "Another murder on the Orient Express"

The popular comedic operetta series Belle Epoque presents its 4th installment, Another Murder on the Orient Express. The cast this round round seems more glitzy with SLO tenor and Symphony 92.4 presenter Melvin Tan participating.


Belle Epoque will present Another murder on the Orient Express, a night of French music on board of the most famous train in the world, from 28 November to 1 December 2012 at The Art House. This is the 4th show in the history of Belle Epoque and it aims at obtaining the same success of the past years’ editions.

A famous film producer finds himself stranded on board the Orient Express. One of the passengers has been mysteriously murdered in the night. Now the train’s stalled and no one is permitted to leave until the proper authorities arrive...

Our prestigious producer, together with some damsels in distress and handsome heroes, will take the audience on the musical ride of a life-time. As they sing their way through the notes of Offenbach, Messager and the French operetta at the turn of last century, the passengers will attempt to solve the crime.

Who is really the dangerous criminal?
Will the film producer uncover the truth?
How will the innocent manage to escape?

The audience will get on board the most famous train in the world and will experience a tale of intrigue, mystery and mistaken identity.

The Cast
For this production of Belle Epoque, six singers are the different characters who live and act on board of the Orient Express. Conceptualized and directed by Nicole Stinton, with  music direction by Dr Robert Casteels, the cast features:

• Kristy Griffin, soprano, Australia
• Sabrina Zuber, soprano, Italy
• Tim Garner, actor, New Zealand
• Jonathan Lum , tenor, Singapore
• Tom Ragen, tenor, Australia
• Melvin Tan, tenor, Singapore
• Sean Huan Yuh, violinist, Singapore.


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