Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'George and the Music Box' by Bellepoque

Bellepoque returns with a new show to be staged from 14 to 16 May at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Here's more information:

Bellepoque Presents:

George and the Music Box

14 to 16 May 2015

Esplanade Recital Studio

March 2015 –

Emily Fontaine, a descendant of the famous French poet Jean de la Fontaine, is having difficulty convincing her son of the merits of his ancestor’s famous fables. For how can innocent stories and moral teachings from four hundred years ago possibly

Join us for a hilarious, energetic and not-so-childish romp through Fontaine’s tales, spiced up with the musical genius and entertaining comedy of Jacques Offenbach.be interesting today?

George cannot simply calm down once he is tucked in his bed, therefore his mom Emily prepares to read him a bedtime story. Emily doesn’t like nowadays, violent stories, hence she decides to read out of the family ancestor’s fables book. These are nice, exciting and funny stories, with plenty of moral teachings beyond that old style they are written in; furthermore they set the mind free to wander with imagination.

Fortunately for George, his favorite toys - a doll, a soldier and a bear - are there to make each story an adventurous journey into the kingdom of fantasy.Mom tries several times to put her son to bed, switch off the light, and gently let him fall to sleep; however each time his Doll, Soldier and Bear become alive and bring a hilarious chaos to the bedroom.

Far from being a boring, old styled text, the family’s fables book turns into an imaginary playground where George and his friends fight, tease each other, sing and jump until finally exhausted they all fall asleep.

Five singers- actors are the different characters who live and act in an imaginary house. Directed by Sharon Frese, and under the music direction of Maestro Robert Casteels, the cast features:

• Angela Cortez, Philippines

• Daniel Ho, Singapore

• Jeremy Koh, Singapore

• Leslie Tay, Singapore

Tickets available at SISTIC from 30 March 2015.

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