Friday, April 1, 2016

Review: Blue Man Group - 31 March 2016

The Blue Man Group on the first stop of their new international tour truly lived up to their tagline 'Experience Awesome'. Their show of two hours without intermission was a neon spectacle: a generous mix of sophisticated light and multimedia design, purcussion virtuosos on unusual instruments and gloriously weird humour that had both kids and adults belly laughing.

Singapore is the first stop of the new world tour which will make further stops in various South East Asian and East Asian countries. It consists of scenes from the group's 25 year existence since it first began off-Broadway in 1991, as well as new ones developed with today's technological advancements in mind.

Even before the titular Blue Men (three of them) took the stage, the show had already begun with an LED scrolling message instructing audiences to perform a variety of acts, such as congratulating various audience members for their athletic achievements and speaking (not singing) Happy Birthday to someone. Finally the Blue Men took the stage, playing their trademark instrument of drainage pipes that they play with paddles on its openings, backed by a live 4 piece rock band.

Between musical moments, the Blue Men performed comedic acts with more than the usual audience interaction, their silent stoner personas keeping the crowd rapt with just a weird glance or unexpected movement. True to their avant garde origins, the Blue Men pushed the limits of what is considered acceptable behaviour by threwing and orally spewing various kinds of food into the crowd, shining the spotlight on latecomers, inviting audience members onstage to eat cake and make abstract artworks in the most hilarious ways. I shall not describe further for fear of spoiling the show's many surprises, let's just say that you are in for many WTF moments that are at once hilarious and unbelievable in its audacity.

With its broad universal appeal, I foresee that the show will do well in its other Asian stops where the majority may not be fluent in English. Meanwhile the Blue Man Group will be performing in Singapore till 29 April 2016 at MBS's Mastercard Theatres. You may not necessarily know what to expect, but take my word that you will be in for a really good time!

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