Wednesday, November 22, 2017

OperaViva's 'Opera Mixer' - Quotes from Cast - 25 and 26 Nov 2017

The stars of OperaViva's Opera Mixer: The Italian Edition (from left to right: Wendy Woon, Ben Lim, Alvin Tan, Leslie Tay and Melissa Chan) tell us their favourite part about being in the event.

"My favourite part of Opera Mixer is that I get to sing with awesome colleagues and I get to invite friends who are new to opera knowing that they will enjoy our carefully selected repertoire. It's like opera for all ages!” Alvin Tan, baritone

"I get to try out some exciting new repertoire that I probably wouldn't have tried singing a few years ago and get to indulge in the grand passions that we associate with Italian opera!” Leslie Tay, tenor

“I love being able to see the audience’s reactions and move around them in this casual and more intimate format.  It doesn’t get more real than that.” Melissa Chan, mezzo-soprano

“It would have to be all the laughs and shenanigans that’s part of the rehearsal process. Singing in a safe fun space with colleagues that one has chemistry with is hard to come by and is thoroughly relished.” Wendy Woon, soprano

Looks like a fun concert to be had! Besides hearing great live music, you will also get to mix with other opera lovers and share your drinks and snacks with us. Time to place new orders for packets of salted egg fish skin then! Check out the Events Page for tickets! 

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