Friday, August 24, 2018

'Singapore Trilogy' by L'Arietta - 12 to 14 Oct 2018

Singapore Trilogy
12 and 14 October 2018
The Blue Room and The Living Room, Arts House

Chamber opera company L’arietta Productions presents Singapore Trilogy, three chamber operas composed by Dr. Chen Zhangyi. The show features veteran singers Yee Ee-Ping, Akiko Otao, Jonathan Charles Tay and Felicia Teo, as well as the new generation of Singaporean singers, Ng Jingyun, Phoebe Chee, and Ng Samuel. Collaborating artist Alvin Mark Tan joins the team for a multi-sensory journey.

Dr. Chen Zhangyi
Singapore Trilogy follows milestone moments in a regular Singaporean’s life. In Laksa Cantata, on the Bride’s big day, the groom wants to serve laksa, but she doesn’t! Can they learn to compromises and start their new chapter as a married couple with or without Singapore’s favourite dish?

In Window Shopping, an older woman and a young bright-eyed girl explores the personal relationship one has with themselves and how each of us develops over time in a shoe shop. Is there such a thing as the perfect pair? The perfect life?

And finally in the newly commissioned work Kopi for One, a familiar kopi aunty welcomes a woman who has returned after a long time away. The waitress encourages the father to tell his daughter how much he loves her. In a culture where love is shown with actions instead of with words, do we really say what we want to our closest ones? Can a cup of kopi save their relationship? Bring your loved ones, sip a cup of kopi and watch these stories unfold.

This is a rare opportunity to see not one but three chamber operas by a local composer who is making waves abroad, performed by a top-notch cast of local talents. Check out the Events Page for more information and for tickets!

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