Friday, January 29, 2016

Chamber Music Recital 'Dreams and Mirages' - 8 Mar 2016

The next installment of the Esplanade's Spectrum series is a recital by SSO flautist Roberto Álvarez, harpsichordist Tien Yang and pianist Shane Thio entitled Dreams and Mirages. The trio will present a programme of new chamber works, all Singapore or world premieres, that promises to give you a new perspective of what a harpsichord can do. Here's more information:

Esplanade Presents | Spectrum

Dreams and Mirages
by Roberto Álvarez, Tien Yang and Shane Thio
8 Mar 2016, Tue, 7.30pm
Esplanade Recital Studio

“Trust those who seek the truth but doubt those who say they have found it.” - André Gide

Not everything is as it seems. We will follow our dreams until the land with no frontiers, where time no longer means what we think. Traditions from centuries ago melt with new trends: ancient instruments play new tunes, and old melodies are brought to the present by our contemporaries.

Three of the most sought-after musicians in Singapore, flautist Roberto Álvarez, harpsichordist Tien Yang and pianist Shane Thio join forces to bring a programme of Singapore and World Premieres. New pieces composed for the flute, harpsichord and piano in different combinations that will break a few rules and sweep away stereotypes of harpsichord music.

1hr, no intermission

Limited concessions for students, seniors and NSFS: $15

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Tickets available at SISTIC

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