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Quick Chat with Hawk Liu - Julius Caesar in Egypt - 9 and 10 Sep 2023


Production director Hawk Liu with the cast of Julius Caesar in Egypt

Hawk Liu is a wearer of many hats - singer, teacher, astrologer, actor of stage and screen, videographer to the stars, and Singapore's sexiest legs over 50... but here we speak to him as the director of our exciting upcoming production of Julius Caesar in Egypt. Read on to get to know our maestro better, and check out our exclusive promo code at the end of the article! 

Julius Caesar in Egypt [G] (

What I like about my role (musically and dramatically)?

As a director, i certainly enjoy being able to make opera accessible and also the way I would like people to see it, without the traditionally stuffy interpretation but also not needing to do a radically different take by being abstract.

What is your horoscope star sign, and what does it say about you? 

I happen to be a professional Astrologer. My sun sign, Sagittarius, says that I think I am always right - but that's not true - I am just right most of the time!

Tell us something that we would not otherwise know about you? 

I used to be able to walk on my hands and do somersaults and ballet pirouettes, but since my body weight distribution has changed quite a bit from back then, I don't think I can do those things anymore. Or maybe I should try again....

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? 

I am not very good at not working! All my hobbies are my work, so maybe I don't really feel like I am working.

Lastly, tell us why we should watch Julius Caesar in Egypt on 9 and 10 September?

You have to come watch the show cos it's going to be amazing and the characters were specifically directed to come alive for you, the audience!

Tickets for Julius Caesar in Egypt (9 and 10 September) are now on sale at SISTIC. Use the promo code 'Julius' for 10% off. Discounts are also available for NSFs, senior citizens and students! 

Julius Caesar in Egypt [G] (

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