Thursday, September 23, 2010


Here's something on my must-buy list. The Royal Opera's production of Faust by David McVicar in the 90s, starring the then dream cast of ROH favourites Angela Gheorghiu, Roberto Alagna and Bryn Terfel, conducted by Antonio Pappano. This production was filmed and broadcast on TV 5 years ago but Lord knows why it took so long it to be released on video, maybe it has something to do with Angie's famous dislike for blond wigs. Hope it reaches stores in Taiwan and Singapore soon!


  1. i don't generally listen to french opera but this cast can't be missed. i've ordered it, it's coming in the mail soon!

    along with the ROH don carlo w villazon, furlanetto etc., elina garanca's new solo CD, and the juan diego florez rigoletto.


  2. The ROH Don Carlos production looks gorgeous based on what I've seen online, though Villazon received quite a bit of bad press from it. Another release I really want is Antonacci's Medea ( Love Florez but IMHO a "Rigoletto" where the co-stars are bigger names than the title role is not really a good deal. I'll probably check out Domingo's movie on Youtube when I have the time.

  3. i suppose damrau and florez are big names but i'm getting it mainly for damurau, zjelko lucic's rigoletto and the orchestra, which blew me away in macbeth when i was there in may. lucic's iago in otello at the deutsche oper was quite magnificent too, he dominated jose cura whose attacks are so scary nowadays. and for georg zeppenfeld's sparafucile: it's big, dark and deep: his come dal ciel precipita (banquo) brought the house down.

  4. Oh I didn't know Lucic is so good, maybe I should check out Lucic's Met Macbeth then, unfortunate with Maria Guleghina as his Lady. Not familiar with Zeppenfeld though.


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