Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pianomania - The Movie

OMG Tou Liang's blog has been made into a movie!

Well yeah if only... But then this looks like an interesting film anyhow. Think of it as the classical version of Madonna's Truth or Dare: Its a documentary (or reality TV show) about the travails of piano tuner Stefan Knüpfer and the light-fingered divos and divas that he works with, featuring appearances by Alfred Brendel, Lang Lang and many more piano superstars. We get to follow Knüpfer around the world as strives to find the right tone that is not to open or closed (which I believe is the pianists' equivalent of not turning on the air-con so that it won't dry the vocal chords).

This next clip shows Knüpfer assisting the comedy duo of Igudesman and Joo by taking off a piano leg and replacing it, literally propping up the piano, with a violin:

Erm you know I've been out of the country for a while, has it opened in Singapore already?


  1. Hey Steven, Pianomania has been out since 2009 but I haven't been able to find it online. Perhaps someone with experience in ordering DVDs might be able to help? Pianomania wouldn't be a movie that cinemas in Singapore will premiere. Cheers - Matthew Tng

  2. OIC. It has only been screened in Taiepi from December 2010, and I narrowly missed the screening period (it was apparently taken down only last week) :( Let's hope that a DVD release will come out soon.


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