Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A "Black Swan" Moment

 It was about 2a.m. in the morning yesterday probably, and there I was in my dorm of eight, fast asleep which is unusual for an incurable insomniac. All of a sudden I had this dream that lasted all of two seconds, not something that I saw but heard in my sleep: my own voice singing an upward chromatic scale starting from my lowest chest note all the way up to the very highest end of my head voice, ending with a whopping top note worthy of Lucia! All of a sudden I woke up in a shock and found myself sitting upright, with arms outstretched as if I just gave a virtuoso performance. What the heck was that!?!

Thankfully my roommates found it all rather bemusing than shocking since young people don't really need much sleep. The next day I kind of likened it to the final scene of La Sonnambula but on closer thought, it does kind of bring to mind Natalie Portman's haunting performance in Black Swan, about how a talented, innocent and virginal young ballerina drove herself crazy trying to play the Black Swan in Swan Lake. Now I've been neither innocent nor virginal for a long time (nor young for that matter, and 'talented' is really subjective...) but then I wonder if this Freudian slip is in anyway similar to what was so vividly described in the movie? Perhaps I just need a short break, but let's see what happens next. Hopefully nothing!

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