Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stylus Phantasticus Und Liedvariationen Bis Bach - a Review

Bach, J S: Chorale Partita BWV767 'O Gott, du frommer Gott'
Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C major, BWV564

Böhm, G: Partita 'Jesu, du bist allzu schöne'
Präludium und Fuge in G major

Bruhns: Prelude and Fugue in G major

Buxtehude: Toccata in D minor, BuxWV155

Sweelinck: Mein junges Leben hat ein End - variations, Almande Gratie, SwWV318/N7 'More Palatino'

Gerhard Gnann - Organ

When I received this CD for reviewing, I thought "wouldn't it be a good idea to pass it on to a piano and organ classmate who would know this music much better than a dumb singer?" Caveat of course is that the article would have to be written in Chinese and then I would have to translate it, but then its a good opportunity for this blog to expand to a different language market. So here's my translation of Thilo Liu's (劉仁翔) virgin reviewing attempt, followed by the original:


The organ is often termed the King of Instruments, possessing earth-shattering power and the most direct musical connection. Numerous composers in the Baroque era have written for this instrument, often in praise of religion. The most well-known of these composers is of course Johann Sabestian Bach. This release from record label Audite, entitled Stylus phantasticus und Liedvariationen bis Bach, contains not only pieces by the master but also those of many lesser-known contemporaries.

These pieces are performed by organist Gerhard Gnann. Compared to the piano, another popular keyboard instrument, the organ requires much more complicated playing, including fast legwork and a different touch for the fingers. Gnann maneuvers the instrument with amazing ease, bringing out nuances and subtleties that bring out the beauty of baroque music, his treatment of contrapunctual lines and harmonies feel just right and never overdone nor sacrificed for showmanship, but with more than sufficient technique to meet this music's strict requirements. This CD is a compilation of baroque music worth having in your collection.

管風琴,人稱樂器之王,有著震撼的力量,是最直接的音樂感受,在巴洛克時期有許多的作曲家為他寫了許多作品,也藉此來對宗教的讚美。其中最有名的就屬塞巴斯金˙巴哈的作品最為人知。在這張由Audite所出版的管風琴作品,Stylus phantasticus und Liedvariationen bis Bach,除了收錄音樂之父巴哈的管風琴作品之外,也非常罕見的收錄了同時期巴洛克時期較鮮為人知的管風琴作品。

此張專輯由管風琴演奏家Gerhard Gnann所演奏,同樣與鋼琴是一樣鍵盤樂器的管風琴,在演奏上更是多出了許困難的技巧,如對踏板的掌控,還有觸鍵上。都是。但Gerhard卻能如此輕易的駕馭這樂器之王,演奏出細緻而美妙的巴洛克音樂,對於音樂的層次分析,還有對於當時嚴謹的和聲所做得詮釋,以及音樂與空間之間的掌握,都是恰如期分,將巴洛克時期的嚴謹表達出最極致。是張值得收藏的巴洛克古典專輯。

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