Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stuart Skelton & Janice Watson in "Fidelio"

Stuart Skelton, star of the SSO's Fidelio on 18 Feb, teamed up with SLO Salome star Janice Watson in an October 2011 performance in Taichung, with maestro Lan Shui conducting the local orchestra. Now who could possible be so boh liao as to tape record their act 2 duet and send it over to Singapore's only opera magazine?

So here's half a preview of what's to come and half a souvenir for SLO fans; Janice was clearly having an off night as she was having problems with high notes throughout the evening, maybe four evenings of gutsy singing two months earlier had taken its toll on her, or maybe it was the never-ending rain of Taiwan's autumnal season.  Skelton on the other hand was quite a revelation with a robust, big tenor that still maintains a plush, soft but firm quality despite its big size. Dramatically both singers have clearly inhibited their parts (they were the only soloists not sight-reading that night) and were both convincing and moving in their portrayals. Enjoy!

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