Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Basso Canaries - 6 February 2012

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And because everytime I come back someone is bound to ask when am I going to stage my comeback recital, I guess its about time to finally get around to doing one. The Basso Canaries concert takes place on 6 February 2012 (Monday), where I will be teaming up with my friend and fellow baritone Andrew Xiao, with help from our accompanists Beatrice Lin and Iris Koh.  Andrew will be performing Barber's Three Songs by James Joyce, Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen and his own composition Three Years and Eight Months.

As for me, its a programme of favourite Chinese art songs by assorted composers, from classical poetry settings to love serenades and folk-dance tunes. One might think that such a programme might have been inspired by my time spent in Taiwan, but the truth is that Chinese music played only a minuscule part in my studies here, as we are only required to sing one song for each semester's exam. After two years of full-time studies I kinda missed working on this repertoire, so when the opportunity came to do this concert, I thought it would be a great chance for me to really explore these numbers in greater detail. I will also be bringing home some items I picked up in Taiwan, including contemporary compositions by established composers, so those looking for a fresh spin on what's going on in other countries will also have something to look forward to. Future projects in Singapore are already in the works and will be more focused on Western rep.

So what we have here is a really wide-ranging and yet in-depth programme that caters to a really broad variety of tastes, from serious song cycles and Asian compositions (including a world premiere), to nostalgic favourites and frivolous showtunes. Tickets are at a really low cost of $12 (inclusive of ticketing surcharges), about the price of a weekend movie ticket but promising the excitement that only live entertainment can bring, so please show some support by buying a ticket and attend our little event.

Tickets are not available for purchase on, but please email me at and I will purchase them on your behalf.  Cya! 

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