Thursday, April 12, 2012

ROH "Madam Butterfly" in 3D

Good to know that Cathay Cineplex's presentation of Carmen 3D must have been reasonably successful enough for them to take-on a follow-up: "Madam" Butterfly 3D stars Zhang Liping and James Valenti in the leads. Zhang is probably one of the leading singers of the role today so this is something that even die-hard voice lovers can look forward to.


Calling all fans of Opera, Madam Butterfly 3D will be screening at The Cathay Cineplex from 18 Apr till 28 Apr. This is an exclusive showcase so you would not want to miss it.

Be mesmerized by the elegant and powerful Royal Opera House production, Madam Butterfly 3D. Beautifully filmed in Real D 3D and featuring a supremely talented cast performing this gripping drama to Puccini's haunting score. (Sung in Italian with English subtitles)

You can book your tickets at:


What you need to know about James Valenti:

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