Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quick Chat with Anna Koor

OK just remember that Opera in the Park is on 2 June, this coming Saturday at 6pm. The SLO Orchestra, headed by Joshua Kangming Tan, accompanies Melvin Tan, Cherylene Liew and Anna Koor in a popular selection of arias, duets and orchestral excerpts. The Mad Scene speaks to Anna Koor and gets her to weigh in on the event:

The Mad Scene: Hi Anna, thank you for doing this interview with The Mad Scene. Firstly, tell us what got you interested in opera?

Anna Koor: Since young, I was always amazed and impressed by the way the opera singers sing and act at the same time.

The Mad Scene: Which opera singers do you consider as role models/inspirational figures?

Anna Koor: I love the legendary soprano Maria Callas. She was so elegant and sophisticated when she performed. She not only sings well, but acts well too!

The Mad Scene: You are one of Singapore’s few singers who has achieved a professional career without long-term academic studies in Europe or America, what advice can you give to young hopefuls who don’t have the resources to head overseas?

Anna Koor: I believe that my voice is a gift from God. One must have passion in singing, be humble and willing to learn. Seize every opportunity to learn and widen your repertoire. Work hard to upgrade oneself and watch and listen to more classical music, opera CDs and DVDs.

The Mad Scene: Heard or seen any good opera CDs/DVDs recently that you would recommend to our readers?

Anna Koor: Verdi’s Aida by The Metropolitan Opera on Blu-ray.

The Mad Scene: What led you to choose the pieces that you will be performing for us on 9 June?

Anna Koor: The programme is done by the Singapore Lyric Opera. SLO is very kind to include me in the programme as I believe it has been a couple of years that they have done works for mezzo-soprano.

The Mad Scene: The hot and humid Singapore outdoors is not really conductive to maintaining a glamorous opera singer image. Have you planned any strategies to keep your hair and make-up fresh on that day?

Anna Koor: I plan to wear a gown that is sleeveless and light. I may bun up my hair to keep cool and will be using Studio Sculpt foundation for my makeup. I will think cool to keep cool and enjoy myself!

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