Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Coca-Cola Hotpot

An example of American-influenced junk-on-junk food (deep-fried Snickers bars anyone?), Coca-Cola hotpot is exactly what it sounds: a hearty serving of meat and veg with boiled Coca-Cola as a soup base. Thing is, as the waitress told me, that the flavour of the soft drink alone is not sufficient enough to lend any flavours, we are told to mix it up with a secondary soup base, which they offer a wide variety including South-east Asian laksa, Thai tom yam, milk from Hokkaido and what I chose: American cheese. 

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After boiling, the fizziness of Coke is all but lost, leaving behind a mild sweetness, which the cheese lent a thickened texture. The sweetness also permeates the food, including the cabbage, variations of fish cakes and meats. Quite an unusual experience, not sure if I would go again but worth checking out just for the novelty of it. 

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