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OperaViva's Original Opera "Fences"

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At long last, OperaViva's original opera Fences by John Sharpley and Robert Yeo is going to be fully staged on 18 to 19 August at the NAFA Theatre. Coming after New Opera Singapore's debut and only a few weeks before the SLO's Manon Lescaut opens, its great to see such a wide variety of operatic activity taking place in only such a short time. The opera is a Romeo and Juliet-style love story in tumultuous times as Singapore was getting separated from Malaysia. Bringing this very Singaporean love story to life is an international cast from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia and of course Singapore. Here's a description of the opera from their press release, and the cast and crew behind this production:


About “Fences”

OperaViva will premiere “Fences” and will be its third production after “Kannagi, the story of the Jewelled Anklet” in 2009. “Fences” is an original opera in two acts written by Dr John Sharpley and Mr Robert Yeo, and conceived by Mr Leow Siak Fah nine years ago.

“Fences” is about the fences in our hearts told through a version of the Romeo and Juliet story set in the tumultuous 1960s just before Singapore joined Malaya, through the period when Singapore was in Malaysia and into separation from Malaya.

Charming & flirtatious Steven Lee from Singapore and devout but liberal Nora Ibrahim from Kuala Lumpur, meet in Malaya Hall in London in the 1960s and fall in love. They return home to face objections from their fathers. Watch their love story unfold against the tumultuous racial, religious backdrop of the efforts of Singapore and Malaya to merge as a single political entity and their eventual parting of ways.

The question is whether love will triumph despite parental objections and racial and religious divisions.

Creative Team:

- Robert Yeo - Story and Lyrics (Singapore)
- John Sharpley - Music Composer (Singapore/US)
- Chandran K. Lingam - Artistic Director (Singapore)
- Darrell Ang - Conductor (Singapore/UK)
- Darius Lim - Choral Master (Singapore)


- Akiko Otao  - Nora Ibrahim (Singapore/Japan/US)
- David Quah  - Steven Lee (Hong Kong)
- Satsuki Nagatome - Mrs Ibrahim (Singapore/Japan)
- Nomer Son - Mr Ibrahim (Philippines, Manila)
- Anna Ivanenko - Mrs Lee (Singapore/Russia)
- Reuben Lai - Mr Lee (Singapore)
- Ivan Choong - Sarawak Student (Singapore)
- Frasier Tan - Sabah Student (Singapore)


Find out how to get tickets at the Events Page.

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