Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Singers Wanted for Free Videotaped Lesson

If are a singer who is constantly experiencing the same problem in your singing, singing teacher Grace Ng promises to help you fix the problem in only 30 minutes flat. She will even use an hourglass to make sure you get the solution within the required timeframe. No cost is required, all that is asked for is that the lesson be videotaped and used as a demo of her services. Here's more information:


Dear Singers,

I need singers with chronic vocal issues for a promotional video for my private singing studio. I am going to conduct and document a 'vocal makeover'. Singers will be interviewed about their chronic vocal issues e.g. constant flatness of pitch, sharpness etc on camera and I will work on them while a camera documents the changes.

This will be a service-for-service deal. I'll clean up the chronic vocal issue while the singer agrees to appear in my 'vocal makeover' video. No payment will be made by me.

Please email me at vocalogy.sg@gmail.com if you're interested. In particular, I'm looking for singers who sing
a. musical theatre
b. classical music
c. pop music, in particular, Mandopop and K-pop.

Singers will only be required for 1 session. I should be able to clear up the vocal issue in about 30 minutes.

Best Regards,
Grace Ng

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