Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Promising Ang Moh Singers Kiss Communist A$$

Young singers are always on the lookout for exciting new opportunities, so when Mainland China jumps on the arts education bandwagon and stages a luxurious 5 week training camp to learn Chinese art songs, off they hop to the Motherland!

This highlights video captures the excitement of the sessions as  the finest young singers from the USA, Europe and South America twist their tongues over hanyu pinyin lessons, 'yo'! and 'hey!' over coaching sessions and master the finer points of Chinese folk singing in order to perform their selection of 'patriotic' concert arias. Metropolitan Opera star Tian Hao-Jiang is obviously the best choice to oversee such an endeavor that also includes trainers from both the Met and the Mainland. Facebook updates be damned, the Little Red Book is in once again!

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