Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Crazy Christmas' in Review

CRAZY CHRISTMAS 2012 - silver screen meets silver bells
Dream Academy Productions
Esplanade Theatre, Singapore
Main Cast:
Selena Tan, Adrian Pang, George Chan, Robin Goh, Karen Tan, Judee Tan, Michaela Therese, Hossan Leong

A Review by Hawk Liu

The theatre was Christmas itself when I entered. Cheerful carols and colourful lighting brightened the place. The concert started with a clever silent movie shot of Hossan and Kumar, in character, having a face off. Hossan won for this concert as this was the 'clean' version of the show. I expect Kumar to be the winner when the 'naughty' version starts on 4th Dec.

Crazy Christmas was really a big glitzy variety show with 'Broadway' lights and stage design that hails the style of the 1940s and 1950s when they had shows like There's no business like show business. Indeed the main cast's glitzy numbers reminded me of that movie. They talked to the audience, they told jokes, they sang, they danced and they brought the spirit of Christmas into the theatre. What a marvellous show!
They were many hilarous and irreverent references to old movies. In The Wizart of Oz section, Adrian Pang, as Dorothy, met the Singaporean versions of her companions in the form of the Tiger Beer Girl, The Condensed Milk Tin Woman and the Straw Girl. George Chan and 8 'Merry Miss a Toes' dancers  (hint - read it fast) in the Singin' in the Rain number was a dance extravaganza. Watch out Gene Kelly! Judee Tan did a stand-up comic act likened to her sometime act as Ris Low in the Chestnuts series. Hossan's own loose impersonation of Charlie Chaplin was well practised and effortless.

Selena's Marilyn Monroe was a darling. In her number, the whole cast became Marilyn Monroes, including the male ones. Lovely legs there from Robin Goh and George whose Marilyns have been doing some serious upper body workout!

There were some guests in the show. Vocaluptuous made an appearance with a classy jazz number and members of a charity group came on to sing and dance with the main cast too.

The long section with the main cast singing, dancing and acting themes from old movies was precious! Very interesting choreography throughout by Andy Benjamin Cai.

We had a wonderfully talented band that didn't miss a beat but just a little complaint there from me - it was overpowering the singers in a few places, especially when they had to talk over the music. There was exciting trumpet work too but keep the mic away from him though... Nevertheless, the show was tight and there wasn't a dull moment. Wish I could go to the 'naughty' version too - I could do more damage in my review!

Crazy Christmas runs till 8 December 2012. Check out Events Page on how to get tickets. More production pictures available on our Facebook Photo Album.

Read our interview with Hossan Leong and Kumar at http://the-mad-scene.blogspot.com/2012/11/interview-with-hossan-leong-and-kumar.html.

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