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"Voices" by Jayanthi Siva-Lecolley and Michael Corbidge - 1 and 2 Feb 2013

I would like to bring your attention to this production opening on 1 February 2013 at Drama Centre: Voices is a production by local theatre practitioner Jayanthi Siva-Lecolley and British Michael Corbidge, featuring a a cast of artists from many disciplines including the vocalisms of bellepoque diva Sabrina Zuber. More information below:

Jayanthi Siva-Lecolley, Singaporean producer, director and choreographer, together with writer and poet Michael Corbidge, presents VOICES, a dynamic collaboration with 9 other multi-disciplinary artists, coming from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, the West Indies and Europe, on 1 and 2 February at the Drama Centre, Black Box.


VOICES is an authentic production which explores hybridity with various performing art-forms while integrating traditional and contemporary dimensions, thanks to the presence of 11 artists coming together from very diverse training backgrounds.

Voices is made up of several short journeys, which will be weaved together by a thread, that is the poetic text of Michael Corbidge.

Each story explores and presents the respective artist’s personal perspective of identity and realization in response to the concept of voice. On this collaborative platform, these professionals play and devise their ideas, together with director Jayanthi, and take on the challenge of juxtaposing surrealism and naturalism on the same stage.

The stories told are about a woman whose voice is lost due her circumstances, a man and his encounter with the voices that are judging him, a young man and his head full of voices from the past, present, future and his dead wife, a ‘clairvoyant’ woman confused by the voices she hears and the voice of a Mother and the cries she hears.

A segment of Voices has been invited to both The Castlemaine State Festival and Queesnland University of Technology in March 2013.

The Cast
The uniqueness of this production is the involvement of a multi-disciplinary and multi-ethnic cast, with artists coming from Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, the West Indies and Europe. Voices adds an additional layer of diversity with the inclusion of various languages in the performance, including French and Italian.
Conceptualized and directed by Jayanthi Siva-Lecolley (Singaporean), written by Michael Corbidge (British), in collaboration with:
• Bhagya Murthy (Singaporean) – Indian Classical Vocalist
• Sabrina Zuber (PR-Italian) – Opera Singer/Actress
• Pavan J Singh (PR-Malaysian) – Movement Artist/Actor
• Sharon Frese (British) – Actress
• Hayley Gerrard(Australian) – Dancer/Actress
• Quentin Bernard (French) – Actor
• Sara Lenzi – (Italian) Sound Designer
• Marco Galardi (Italian) – Sound Designer
• Bill Fisher (Australian/British) – Technical Director/Lighting Designer

Fast facts

Date: 1 and 2 February 2013

Venue: Drama Centre, Black Box

Time: 1 February: 8pm
2 February: 3pm and 8pm

Duration: 70 minutes (with no intermission)

Ticket price: 25S$ /18S$ (for students with passes, senior citizens and NS men)

available at: Ticket Booth Hotline: 6296 2929

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