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Free Charity Music Festival by Sing'theatre and SGH - 21 June 2013

Sing'theatre and Singapore General Hospital looks set to present one of Singapore's biggest charity music festival ever! It features popular theatre personalities including Sebastian  Tan, Hossan  Leong,  Jonathan  Leong  and  George  Chan. Check out the details below:


The world’s largest live music event comes to Singapore General Hospital on 21 June 2013!

For  the  first  time  in  Asia,  the  Singapore  General  Hospital  (SGH)  and  Sing’theatre  will  be bringing in “FĂȘte de la Musique”, the world’s largest live music event, to fill each and every corner of the SGH campus with music on Friday, 21 June 2013.

Aptly  titled,  MusicFest@SGH,  this  unique  edition  of  the  event  that  started  in  France 31 years  ago  will  make  music  of  different  genres  accessible  to  everyone  on  the  SGH campus, including patients, staff, visitors and just about anyone who loves music!

Audiences  will  get  to  be  part  of  this  amazing  experience  as  close  to  250 performers from over  35 groups  will  be  putting  up  60  free  performances  throughout  the  day  in  the  most unexpected spots on the SGH campus. Totalling 40 hours of performances, the professional and  amateur  artists,  students  and  staff  will  be  performing  their  acts  at  lobbies,  wards, outpatient  clinics,  gardens  and  open  spaces  of  the  various  institutions  on  campus  such  as the  National  Cancer  Centre  Singapore,  National  Heart  Centre  Singapore  and Duke‐NUS Graduate Medical School.

The music galore will culminate at the Concert Finale on Friday, 21 June at 7pm at the SGH Quad  with  performances  by  local  and  international  celebrities  such  as  Sebastian  Tan, Hossan  Leong,  Jonathan  Leong  and  George  Chan.  His  Excellency  Mr Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore, will be the Guest‐of‐Honour.

“SGH  is  thrilled  to  partner  Sing’theatre  to  organise  Asia’s  first  “FĂȘte  de  la  Musique” in a hospital setting. The contribution of the arts to physical and mental health and well‐being is well  recognised  and  documented.  Our  multi‐faceted  Arts  for  Health  programme addresses the emotional needs of patients and families by creating a soothing compassionate hospital environment, which reduces stress and facilitates quicker healing. We are grateful to see our volunteer  artists  and  art  groups  in  the  community  who  so  generously  share  their  time  and passion for arts with our patients” said Ms Mumtaj Ibrahim, Community Relations Manager, SGH.

MusicFest@SGH is an  opportunity  to  access  and  open up  places  which  are  traditionally  not concert  venues,  like  hospitals.  It  will  engage  and  connect  hospital  communities  in  an unprecedented way.

“The  idea  to  perform in  hospitals  came  from my  previous  professional  career  in  healthcare, and moreover recently, from the loss of a dear artist friend following a long illness. I felt an urge to do something to make sense out of this tragedy. I wanted to bring performing arts to hospitalized  patients  who  usually  have  little  or  no  access  to  it  at  a  time  they  need  it  the most”, said Mrs Nathalie Ribette, Sing’theatre Artistic Director and Producer of MusicFest at the SGH campus.

MusicFest@SGH  marks  the  launch  of  Sing'theatre's  ambitious  programme: MusicFest@Hospital,  which  will  develop  into  further  and  larger  events  in  the  upcoming

“Novartis  is  delighted  to  support  Sing’theatre  and  the  Singapore  General  Hospital  in  this year’s  MusicFest.  At  Novartis  we  place  an  important  emphasis  on  activities  which  bring  us closer  to  the  communities  within  which  we  live  and  work.  The  idea  of  the  MusicFest at SGH really captures the imagination and will no doubt bring a great deal of joy and happiness to everyone at SGH. We are really pleased too that some of our associates will be able to assist on the day, to ensure that everything goes smoothly in providing a day’s entertainment that I  trust  will  be  a  great  day  to  remember”,  said  Mr  Chris  Snook,  Novartis  Country  President Singapore.


More information  available at the Sing'theatre website:

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