Saturday, April 26, 2014

Harnoncourt's 'Fidelio' - $2.50 on iTunes

I've been searching for a period instrument/period-style Fidelio for the longest time as I would like to hear it done by non-Wagnerian voices with a lighter orchestration, but can't seem to find one despite the abundance of the composer's symphonies already well-represented in HIP style. I guess to some level opera folks just are not keen to hear Beethoven's opera sung by Mozartean voices.

So I searched iTunes again today and came across this 1995 recording by Nikolaus Harnoncourt, going for only SGD2.50!!! It stars one Charlotte Margiono in the title role, a singer that as of now is still unknown to me, Peter Seiffert, Bo Skovhus and Barbara Bonney. While I usually avoid Harnoncourt's recording like the palgue (witness his Salzburg Marriage of Figaro DVD that turned a dream cast into a nightmare recording), at this price its certainly worth giving him another shot.

Oddly, there's a highlights version of this same recording that's selling for the same price of S$2.50. No wondering which version to buy then!

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