Saturday, April 26, 2014

MBS's 'Grease' in Review

Grease at MBS was such incredible fun! Right from the start when a stern teacher marched out onstage and made us recite nonsensical lyrics, you know that we are in for a really good time. This current Australian production opened in 1993, an amalgam of the original 1979 musical and the famous movie about a bunch of high-schoolers in the 1950s, but from the start there's nothing outdated about the performance I saw. The live band and huge cast of performers performed with such infectious energy that even the most hard-hearted will get swept up in it.

Let's face it, Grease is one of those musicals that makes the casual theatre goer say "who cares about the storyline of a musical?". The story is rather perfunctory, a simple set-up for everyone to present their song and dance numbers. The ending is rather abrupt and unbelievable. So take it as a 50s-style cabaret, with as much camp as a bunch of leather-clad American ah bengs can muster. Everyone gets a song that they invariably stop the show with. You'll get to hear all those hits from the movie, and let me assure you that these live performers hold their own against every John Travlta/Olivia Newton John comparison, note for note and twist for twist. There's even an interactive sing-along session at the end!

Don't believe me? Check out their performance of Summer Nights at their opening night press conference below! Please excuse my amateurish camera work, if you want to see better quality, then get tickets to see them live!

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