Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Joyce DiDonato in Singapore - 4 May 2015

Joyce DiDonato sang a brilliant set of pieces from her Drama Queens album last night. It was a soft-core voice that nonetheless rang out for its clarity. And while we got our serving of virtuosic coloratura passages, it was the slow movement sung with genuine pathos that had us enraptured. I've heard numerous renditions of Piangero but none as detailed and affecting as her's last night. Girl can also float a trill to wonderful effect. A cheering standing ovation encouraged her and the orchestra to give no less than three encores!

And you know what topped JDD experience for me? When I reminded her of our interview on last month's Time Out Singapore, she replied that 'oh I loved it, I just tweeted about it last night.' AAHHHH!!!!!

Thankfully, the print article is finally available online. You can read it here:



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