Thursday, September 29, 2016

'On Display' by dance group RAW Moves - 4 and 5 Nov 2016


Date/ Time
4 and 5 November : 1-4pm and 7-10pm
6 November: 1-4pm

Goodman Arts Centre
Multi-purpose Studio 1 and 2 (Containers)
(90 Goodman Road, Block O, Singapore 439053)

On Display is an inquiry into the ‘performance’ of the human body through the act of objectification. This inter-disciplinary collaboration between choreographer-dancer Chiew Peishan and photographer Caleb Ming, explores the idea - performance becomes life itself.

Reflecting upon the act of looking and being looked at, On Display hopes to make movement relatable and meaningful to the everyday life.

As audience interact with the performers in the gallery space, who watches whom?
As the different bodies move through the traditional gallery, what becomes ephemeral? What drives permanence?

This is a durational work apt for all ages.

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