Thursday, August 5, 2010

Create Your Own Mahler Box-Set

Here's something that will drive Mahler lovers wild on the year of his 150th birthday: DG and Decca are joining hands to release a CD box-set of all his symphonies and other works later this year. The difference is that YOU get to choose which of your favourite recordings make it onto the set. Log-on to and vote for your favourite recordings; every one that these two labels have ever made are on offer including those deleted from CD issues. A chart on the right shows which recordings for each symphony is currently leading. You will also get to hear full recordings online and enjoy interactive features such as uploading of your Mahler memorabilia for other fans to ooh and aah over. I can imagine my fellow writer Derek Lim at The Flying Inkpot shivering with delight.Check out the Mahler150 website at

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