Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caring For your Voice Workshop This Coming Tuesday

SIngers, here's a one-day workshop you may wish to check-out. Its held this coming Tuesday by Iris Koh of the Athenarts Singing Club. Here is a quick and easy way to learn more about how to take better care of your voice:


Caring For your Voice Workshop: A holistic approach to Vocal Wellness

Many people use their voices all day long. Singing, teaching, speaking, the list goes on. But due to excessive use, it is also prone to abuse and problems. Wouldn’t it be great if you learnt some simple effective ways of taking care of your voices so it can help you to communicate effectively with others?

Learn a simple 3 step process that can help you to practise good vocal health and to maintain it.

1. Prevent

Many of our vocal problems can be prevented through proper warm up exercises. You can also prevent injury when you know how to project effectively. Learn some of these great exercises at this workshop!

2. Protect.

Feeling nervous? Learn simple relaxation techniques leading up to your performance so you will not lose your cool. Protect your voice from excessive and improper use. Learn to tell the warning signs and take action before it’s too late.

3. Soothe

So too bad. You’ve lost your voice. And it’s the day before your performance. Learn some SOS remedies that can help you to recover and regain your voice. Packed with simple and useful health tips, what to take, what not to take and more!

This workshop is suitable for singers, speakers, teachers and trainers and those who use their voices on a regular basis.

This workshop will be conducted by Ms Iris Koh, a choral conductor for more than 10 years. Iris is also passionate about developing singers into confident, articulate and expressive individuals who have a message to share with the world.

For workshop registration please contact us at:
Tel: 6497 1456
HP: 9829 1678

$30 if paid before the event. $40 if paid at the door.
inclusive of Singers Wellness Pack, worth more than $10.
This event is strictly by RSVP alone.

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