Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lan Shui in Taipei

As a stranger in a foreign land, you'd probably put it down to homesickness when you are contemplating doing something uniquely Singaporean that you wouldn't otherwise do if you had never left home, such as watching Maestro Lan Shui conduct a Mahler symphony without any vocal parts (only this time with the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO) in the composer's first symphony Titan). Maestro Lan has been bringing his trademark Mahler speciality to the NTSO recently and will assume the post of artistic consultant in 2011, news that the NTSO announced with much fanfare (well as much fanfare as the classical media can conjure up anyway), though the orchestra that Maestro Lan conducts more often only warranted a passing mention. But until Alexander Souptel, Lynette Seah and company make their way here (hopefully with my beloved SSC as well), I guess this will have to do in the meantime.


  1. I have just found your interesting blog. We are also three friends that love opera and write about it in our blog
    I invite you to visit it. It is written in Portuguese and in English (the "possible" English!).
    I think your blog is not interesting only for Singapure and the region, but it is also interesting for the global world of opera lovers. Form now on I plan to visit it frequently. You do not have the "Followers" option activated? I would like to join.
    Best wishes from an admirer form Portugal

  2. Thanks for reading FanaticoUm, all the best for your new blog. Hope you enjoy the new adventure you're about to start!


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