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SLO Children's Choir - Don't Stop Believing (13 July 2012)

Consider it a triumph for local composers: come 13 July, the SLO Children's Choir will present their annual showcase at the Esplanade Concert Hall, featuring new commissions by Kelly Tang and Goh Toh Chai, as well as a medley of xinyao tunes byLiang Wen-Fu. Here's more details from their press release:


The Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir invites music lovers to an evening of music making. Let them remind us of the songs and stories from our youth, and share with us the melodies of youthful hopes and dreams.

Since its inception in August 2006, the popular Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir has performed at a large number of concerts and musicals. Aside from its own series of concerts at the Esplanade Concert Hall, the Choir has also performed in several of Singapore Lyric Opera’s showcases such as Puccini’s La Boheme, Mozart’s The Magic Flute, and Bizet’s Carmen. The Choir has also performed with the Singapore Lyric Opera Orchestra at events such as Opera in the Park and at 20 Years of Grand Opera, and at many other outreach concert activities.

Zechariah Goh Toh Chai
Kelly Tang

The programme for the concert will feature not only folksongs from Asia, Europe and North America but also newly composed and newly arranged music from our Singapore composers as well as songs from the highly favourite Glee.

The highlight of the Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir Concert is a medley of songs from the Xinyao (新谣) Collection. Xinyao songs are largely composed and sung by Singaporeans and are a genre of music that is unique to Singapore. Primarily focused on the subject of life on the island of Singapore, the genre helped enrich the local arts scene in post-war Singapore. The selection of Xinyao songs that will be performed at the concert have been handpicked by Dr Liang Wen Fu and personally arranged by Ms Liong Kit Yeng. Titled as The Reminiscence of Childhood - a medley of Singapore songs from the Xinyao Collection* (童年的回忆:新谣组曲), the medley will include songs such as:

- 遥遥民谣 (Yao Yao Min Yao)
- 细水长流 (Xi Shui Chang Liu)
- 新衣哪有旧衣好 (Xin Yi Na You Jiu Yi Hao)
- 排排坐 (Pai Pai Zuo)

Ms Ng Siew Eng, the General Manager of the Singapore Lyric Opera, “The Singapore Lyric Opera firmly believes that our local composers are talented musicians and it is our privilege to include their works in our concert. We hope also to build a repertoire of songs that is truly reflective of our current cultures as well as our lifestyle. Singapore Lyric Opera is pleased to be able to provide this avenue for the public to experience local compositions – old and the new songs.”


Where Go The Boats?
Kelly Tang

New Commissioned Piece*
Goh Toh Chai

Evening Song
Z. Kodaly

Danny Boy
arr. L S Spevacek

arr. J Herrington/S Glick

Sing a Song of Sixpence
ed. J M Diack

Humpty Dumpty
Dave and Jean Perry

The Last Rose of Summer
M L Lightfoot

Scarborough Fair
arr. M Goetze

From Les Choristes:
1) Carresse sur l'ocean
2) Vois sur ton chemin
Bruno Coulais

I love a Piano
arr. Mark Heyes

Hallelujah (from Shrek)
arr. Leonard Cohen

Ikan Kekek
arr. Goh Toh Chai

Reminiscence of Childhood - a medley of Singapore songs from the Xinyao Collection*
Liang Wen Fu / arr. Liong Kit Yeng

Les Miserables (Medley) **
arr. Ed Lojeski

The Best of Glee **
arr. A. Anders / T Davis

*New songs/arrangement

** Guest choir from Anglo-Chinese School [ACS] (Barker Road)

Programme is not in order of performance and is subject to change


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