Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dancer Auditions with Madonna

Everyone knows that Madonna places extreme demands on her dancers: not only must they execute an entire evening's worth of choreography, they must also have other talents plus personalities large enough to match the presence of the tireless diva herself. This short but fascinating documentary shows us the final auditions-cum-workshop for Madonna's recently concluded MDNA Tour (available soon on DVD so YAY!!!!), where 40 dancers from around the world work together and compete for 6 days to be hired as one of the 18 dancers to go on tour on what will become the second highest-earning concert tour of all time (second only to her previous Sticky and Sweet Tour).

The dancers go through a variety of styles including something that I've never heard of called Slacklining, where dancers bounce off huge elastic ropes while performing some kind of mid-air breakdancing move. While its nothing about opera it does show the deep passion and discipline that all performing artists must have in order to be good at what we do.

And then there's Her Madgesty herself, who at 51 is hardly taking it easy, poring over every detail of her record breaking shows from backstage to front. She continues to be an inspiration for anyone who desires to be onstage. 

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