Sunday, August 4, 2013

Leontyne Price Gets Vocal

In her autobiography, Renee Fleming mentioned that as a budding young starlet on the brink of stardom, she was 'summoned' to the apartment of Ms. Leontyne Price through a mutual friend, who proceeded to offer some much needed advice to the neophyte. 'It was more a sermon than lecture, so passionate was she'. 

While we can't all be visiting Ms. Price at home, this lengthy interview (45 minutes after edits) is exactly what Renee was talking about: very vocal, very passionate, and very, very inspiring. She goes on at length about how she loves the voice that God has given her, how she loves performing, the honour of being given a Met debut as well as singing at the opening of the new house, and how her favourite thing to do these days is listening to her own recordings. 

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