Friday, August 30, 2013

"My Life with Mozart" by Alliance Francaise

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My Life with Mozart is a play with live musical performances, featuring the Take 5 Piano Quintet and singers from New Opera Singapore. Here's more information:


To be presented for the first time in Asia, Ma vie avec Mozart (My Life with Mozart) is a stage adaptation from the novel by famous French writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (2005). The play is set on a stage dialog between the Writer and the most famous classical Composer.

A mix of texts delivered in French with English subtitles and pieces of music by Mozart performed on live by eight of the most talented musicians in Singapore, this theater play offers a unique symbiosis between literature and music. Thanks to the subtitles and the magic of live music, it allows local as well international audiences to enjoy it.

A troubled adolescent happens upon a rehearsal of “The Marriage of Figaro”. Through the voice of the Countess Almaviva, Mozart saves his life: you don’t leave a world that contains such marvels and beauty. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt and the genius composer thus become inseparable...

Throughout his life, his correspondence with Mozart will accompany him in many moments good or bad. In his letters and in Mozart's answers, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt explains the value of little moments that make life beautiful and worth living.This long dialogue allows Schmitt to wonder, to be reassured, to rethink the world, and finally, to live a better life. It is also a reflection on the process of creation and the universality that lies in Mozart's works.

The play is the adaptation of Schmitt’s most personal and self-revelatory book, full of admiration, gratitude and love. It includes, in answer to the author’s letters, delivered by the French actor Quentin BERNARD, 16 pieces and extracts from among Mozart’s finest works. These works will be performed on stage by eight of the most talented musician in Singapore.

Director: Alison Lester
Alison Lester is an American writer and communication skills coach who has always kept a finger in the theatre. She attended Indiana University with the intention of majoring in music, but finished instead with a double major in Mandarin and in French. She has been in Asia for over 20 years, performing with the Tokyo International Players in Tokyo, and with the Madhatters Comedy Company and Arts Media in Singapore. In 2010, she wrote the dialogue for the Sing'Theatre production of A Singaporean in Paris.


My Life with Mozart runs from 18 to 22 September 2013 at the Alliance Française Theatre at 1 Sarkies Road. More information available at the Events Page. 

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