Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Bane' - An Edinburgh Fringe Sell-Out One-Man Show

This play looks like an entertaining and rather schizophrenic night out. It holds the Guinness World Record for most number of roles played by a single actor in one evening. Sounds interesting right?

Bane is an Edinburgh Fringe sell-out one-man one-musician comedy drama. With no props, or set, Joe Bone plays all the 140 characters and Ben Roe plays all the music in the thrilling fast paced production. It holds the Guinness Record for ‘Maximum characters played by a single actor’. Gun for hire, Bruce Bane, is the central character and he must find out who is trying to kill him before it’s too late. Bane combines Hollywood motifs with sharp theatrical techniques, live music, and hilarious physical action, to create an hour of comedy storytelling like no other. http://www.brucebane.co.uk/about.

Show date: 8th Feb 2014 Saturday (8 pm) and 9th Feb 2014 Sunday (8 pm)

Venue: Drama Centre Theatre

Language: English

Ticket pricing: S$90, S$70, S$50 (excludes booking fees)

Check out tickets at the SISTIC Website.

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