Friday, September 5, 2014

Bellepoque - 'Letters to Juliet'

Bellepoque presents their latest production Letter to Juliet, an Into the Woods style mashup of Shakespeare's female characters, featuring music from operatic adaptations including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Otello. Here's more information:

Bellepoque Presents Letter to Juliet

1 to 4 October 2014
The Chamber @ The Arts House
June 2014 – Bellepoque wishes to celebrate 450 years from Shakespeare birth by presenting
operas which have been based on Shakespeare's works.

At the same time we wish to share our passion and our energies for a cause and in particular for the fight against Breast Cancer (therefore our opening night is dedicated to Breast Cancer Foundation).

"Letter to Juliet" is a fully staged play, a mix of famous classical opera extracts, and offers a story which portrays heroic women, from classical literature to real life, from the past to modern times. The play is a delightful journey through beautiful music, which arouses emotions and strong feelings and highlights the timeless values of love and courage.The show is a tribute to all women who have fought difficult situations at least once in their lifetime.

Hermione and Leo have been married for a number of years, and Hermione is not as happy as she wants to be. There are no major problems between the two of them, but every day there is some small friction, as in small ways Leo takes Hermione for granted or oppresses her. The situations that occur between the two of them are almost comical, but beneath the surface there are some real issues that hurt and worry Hermione.

Hermione is a literature teacher who specializes in Shakespeare. As she talks to her students about a particular scene from a Shakespearean play, getting all excited about the drama and passion of that scene, she cannot help but connect that scene to some of the domestic problems she faces with Leo at home.

Every day, Hermione starts a letter addressed to Juliet, for she has read a book called ‘Letters to Juliet’ from which she found out that Verona there is an office in which various answer letters asking for advice, with the volunteers answering as though they were Shakespeare’s Juliet. In her letter, Hermione tries to explain the problems she faces in her life, but she does not quite get there.

The Cast
Five singers, two actors are the different characters who live and act in an imaginary house.
Conceptualized and directed by Dr Hemang Yadav, with the music direction of Maestro Vincent Chen, the cast features:

• Angela Cortez, Philippines
• Darren Guo, Singapore
• Reuben Lai, Singapore
• Satsuki Nagatome, Japan
• Melvin Tan, Singapore
• Sherylin Tan
• Sabrina Zuber, Italy

Tickets available at the Events Page!

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