Tuesday, September 16, 2014

John Sharpley's and Robert Yeo's 'Kannagi' - 2, 3, 4 and 5 October 2014

Premiered by OperaViva some years ago with Amanda Colliver at the Sri Mariamman Temple, John Sharpley's and Robert Yeo's one-woman opera makes a return this time at the Arts House Play Den with Akiko Otao in the lead. Here's more information:

Kannagi - an opera by John Sharpley, composer, and Robert Yeo, librettist

presented by The Arts House & Sonic Design, Singapore

2, 3, 4 and 5 October, 2014, 8 pm, The Play Den @ The Arts House

$30 (excluding S$2 ticketing charge)
$25 (concession for students, senior citizens and The Arts House members)
Tickets will be available at www.bytes.sg and at the Arts House Box Office

What does a contemporary American Composer, Japanese Soprano, Chinese Dancer, Australian Pianist, English Director, and a Singaporean Writer/Poet, have in common?

 Silappatikaram: A fifth-century epic poem written by an Indian Jain Monk by the name of Ilango Atikal whose main character, Kannagi, is still worshipped today by both Hindus and, as Pattini, by Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

Although Cilappatikaram was written at least 1,500 years ago; the story itself is much older. The poet-monk only learned of the story when visiting the countryside near the Periyaru River with his brother, Senkuttuvan, a Chera King. On the banks of the river, villagers told the king and Ilango the story of Kannagi, a woman with a single breast who sat down under a tree and did austerities for 15 days, without food or water, until she died. The villagers worshipped Kannagi as the Goddess of Chastity, and her story so inspired the king that he asked his brother to immortalize it in poetry for the benefit of humanity. But what might the story inspire in the humanity that constitutes the universal society of today's world?

Akiko Otao, soprano from Japan residing in Singapore, debuted in Singapore as the leading role of Nora in Sharpley’s and Yeo’s premiere of Fences.

Susan Yeung, dancer from Hong Kong residing in Singapore, is also a producer, artistic director, choreographer, event manager, and lecturer.

Bronwyn Gibson, pianist from Australia residing in Singapore and active as a piano accompanist, vocal coach and musical director.

Christopher Jacobs, director from England residing in Kuala Lumpur, has been involved with innumerable theatrical productions across four continents.

John Sharpley, composer from America who resides in Singapore, possesses a unique and multi-faceted artistic life that spans geographic and cultural borders.

Robert Yeo, Singapore–born writer, has published poetry, a novel, staged plays, and written essays on cultural policy and theatre.

Find out how to get tickets at the Events Page

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