Monday, October 6, 2014

SLO Star Nicholas Ransley in BBC Opera

This old BBC production stars SLO Merry Widow star Nicholas Ransley in a 'flash mob' pastiche opera at a train station, featuring an original storyline about a football maniac (he supports Charlton whatever that is) being dumped by his football widow girlfriend who is in turn seduced by a sexy black man. Check out the hilarious original lyrics superimposed onto the tunes of Mozart, Verdi et al. Its all very fun and brings an interesting perspective into these tunes even for a seasoned opera lover. Video quality is bad and audio is only on one side, but the material is quite a hoot and singing is mostly good too (the tenor and soprano are anyway). Jump to 5:30 to skip the lengthy introduction and get right to the singing.

Oh yes, and I should mention on this site too that I, Steven Ang, am finally making my debut with the SLO in this production! I'll be performing the role of Njegus, a largely spoken role but one that has many scenes in all three acts. Just started rehearsals today and really excited about what's coming up. Wish me luck!

And do come and support Nicholas, myself and our large cast of UK and Singapore-based colleagues from 24 to 26 October 2014 at the Esplanade Theatre. Check out SISTIC for tickets!

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