Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Audioimage Wind Ensemble's 'Sound Paints Music Across Silver Screen' - 16 November 2014

Contemporary Spanish composer Oscar Navarro's Concerto for Clarinet, as performed this past Sunday by clarinettist Colin Tan and conductor Clarence Tan leading the Audioimage Wind Ensemble at NAFA's Lee Foundation Theatre, blew me away with its cutting edge yet completely accessible freshness.

Sandwiched among a programme of movie soundtrack and musical theatre arrangements, its dark, moody opening developed into a series of virtuosic turns, from high pianissmi to demanding runs at breakneck speed, incorporating upbeat jazz and folk influences. Despite a few flubs, the music was delivered with high and infectious energy from the soloist and largely young players, their collective love for the score is evident. It was a success for all involved.

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