Friday, December 16, 2016

More Press Coverage and Videos of Martin Ng, Boris Kraljevic and Li Jie - Concert Tomorrow!

The press coverage of Martin Ng's opera gala concert The Italian Baritone with features in Zaobao, Business Times and The Flying Inkpot. Check out our interview with him and Li Jie as well if you haven't already do so!

And while we have seen and heard quite a few videos of Martin in concert, here is a video of Li Jie performing In der Fremde by Schumann in Germany. This song will be in the programme as well, something different from our Italian opera heavy programme.

Here's a clip of Martin rehearsing for Cortigianni, Rigoletto's dramatic aria that is a major highlight of the night's programme.

And really, how often do you see a concert with a piano accompanist who can play like this?

What an exciting concert its going to be! It would be such a pity if we don't get to share our music with you! So give your friends, family and yourself the gift of music this Christmas, and get your tickets at Peatix ( or offline at Madison Academy of Music Singapore before its too late!


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