Monday, August 29, 2011

First Ever Audio Interview with Martin Ng

So we at The Mad Scene has been doing interviews in writing for like the four years we've been around, so I guess its time enough to try something new. Hence allow us to introduce our new audio interview format! Joining me for the first time is Martin Ng, last seen in Salome and soon to be seen again this coming Saturday as part of the Lieder Festival.

What happened was that we decided to meet up for dinner at Orchard Road, and after our meal we got to doing some Q-and-As and taped it down (so please excuse the surrounding ambiant noise). Its only natural to pick Martin for this experiment, being such a close friend and all. But then this being the first attempt for both interviewer and interviewee, there are bound to be some hickups which might just be as interesting as what's intentionally communicated; hopefully things will become more polished with experience. Please feel free to offer any comments. So eh, enjoy!

Martin Ng Interview

The second installment of the Singapore Lieder Festival runs from 2 to 4 September 2011. Check out the Events Page for more information.

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