Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Quick Chat with Andrew Sinclair

The Singapore Lyric Opera's production of Salome opens in two weeks time on 19 August! Here's the start of a slew of exclusive coverage from The Mad Scene. We speak to director Andrew Sinclair and get his take on what we can look forward to when the production opens:

Name: Mr Andrew Sinclair

Nationality: British/ Australian.

Previous SLO Experience:

La Boheme, Cavalleria Rusticana and i Pagliacci. Yes, Salome is my third production for SLO, although I suppose if you count Cav and Pag as two operas (which they are), rather than a double bill, it’s my fourth.

Why did you choose to work with the SLO on Salome?

First of all because they asked me to do the piece and I was extremely keen to do it. Next, because it’s a very exciting new departure for this company and I wanted to be part of that. I don’t think people here realise how lucky they are to have an opera company - and particularly one that does Salome.

What are the directorial challenges of Salome?

Well, some people regard it as sensationalist, so I suppose the challenge is to overcome that aspect and get to the heart of the piece - the tragedy of an unhappy teenager and what makes her the way she is.

What can audiences expect to see when this production opens on 19 August?

Many people who have not been to an opera have a misguided perception that they are too long with plots that take place over several years. Not Salome! It lasts for just over an hour and a half and the action takes place in “real time”, from the time she meets Jokanaan to the tragic end when they are both dead. It’s action packed. People who have never been to the opera will know the music to The Dance of the Seven Veils. All the music is exciting, beautiful and dramatically fascinating. If you want action you’ve got it all in Salome!


Coming up are more quick chats with star Janice Watson and Dawid Kimberg. Meanwhile check out ticketing and other information on the Events Page. 

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