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À TOUT LE MONDE - An Interview with Jasper Goh

This interview of flautist Jasper Goh's concert by Hawk Liu came to me at a really busy time and I simply forgot to publish it. My apologies to Jasper and Hawk for the oversight.


Our contributor Hawk Liu interviews Jasper Goh, a young flutist who was part of the LANXESS Singapore National Youth Orchestra concert reported here not too long ago. Here is a closer look at one of our rising young musicians:

A Solo Concert by Jasper Goh (flute)
27 June 2011, 8pm
1 Commonwealth Avenue, One Commonwealth Building #03-01


Fantasia No. 2 for Solo Flute – Georg Philipp Telemann
Flute Sonata in D, Op.94 – Sergei Prokofiev
Concertino for Flute and Piano, Op.107 – Cecile Chaminade
Duet No. 3, op.10 for Two Flutes – Friedrich Kuhlau
Rigoletto Fantasy for Two Flutes and Piano, Op.38 – Franz Doppler

The concert is sold out.

An Interview with Jasper
(By Hawk Liu)

I met Jasper while reporting on a bloggers' session that explains some myths of classical music.

Jasper Goh started learning the flute at the age of 13, and subsequently auditioned for a Summer Festival in North Dakota when he was 15, where he received tutelage from renowned flutists Laurel Ridd and Deborah Harris. Subsequently, he auditioned for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and was awarded a scholarship to study under Brokmiller Evgueni (Associate Principal Flute, Singapore Symphony Orchestra), Wang Tong, and currently Roberto Alvarez (Associate Principal Piccolo, Singapore Symphony Orchestra). Jasper has also participated in various master classes by Andrea Griminelli, Hiroshi Matsushima, Anders Norrell, Michael Hasel (Associate Principal Flute of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Paul Edmund Davies (Former Principal Flute of the London Symphony Orchestra), as well as Mihi Kim. Jasper was named the Winner of the Open Division Category in the Flute Competition organized in conjunction with the Flute Festival 2010.

These were my questions for Jasper:

The Mad Scene: How did you get interested in music?

Jasper: When I was in Primary School, I joined the Maths Club as my CCA, but for some reason I was really attracted to the recorder. I managed to play the chromatic scale of two octaves on the recorder, whereas the other kids were struggling with a simple three-note melody. This inspired me to continue reading music and try to play everything on the recorder. It also helped that my brother was from the symphonic band in ACS(I) as a clarinettist, but he also taught himself the flute.

The Mad Scene: How did you come to choose the flute as your instrument?

Jasper: My brother told me to pick up the flute as it was more expressive and had more repertoire compared to other instruments in the band. I followed his advice when I joined the band in Maris Stella High School. However, for almost an entire year I couldn't really produce a real sound on the flute. This was rather demoralizing and I was almost transferred to the euphonium section. However, the second year was a good year for me and I improved really quickly and managed to get a scholarship to study in a summer music camp at North Dakota, sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Subsequently, I passed the audition for the Singapore National Youth Orchestra and attained a Distinction in my Grade 8 in Flute Performance, Trinity.

The Mad Scene: What do you hope your musical journey will be in the future?

Jasper: Upon completion of the National Service two years later, I hope to pursue music education in France, to achieve my aim into being a professional musician. I hope to become an orchestral musician, occasionally holding solo recitals such as the one that I will be having on 27th of June.

The Mad Scene: Which composers do you like? Why?

Jasper: I like many composers - ranging from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Ravel, Mozart and Prokofiev. There are too many to name, but the primary reasons why I am drawn to these composers, other than Mozart, is because of their orchestral works. Although Mozart didn't like the flute at the time he wrote the two flute concerti, I still like both his flute concerti as well as all the flute quartets which he composed.


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