Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick Chat with Hubert Francis (Herod)

Name: Hubert ‘Hugh’ Francis

Nationality: Australian

Role: Herod

SLO debut? Yes

I love my role in Salome because…
Because of the broad spectrum of emotions in the character.

The characters of Salome are such a frightening bunch, why does your character deserve our sympathy and support?

We are all a product of everything which has happened to us until this moment. These characters are products of their time and circumstances, just as we are in our contemporary world. There may be some differences in how we live today, but also many similarities.

What can audiences look forward to in your performances of your role?

I hope that I can do justice to the music of Strauss and to my portrayal of the character.

My favourite recordings of Salome are:

Haven’t listened to any!

What I love about working in Singapore:

The weather and food! The steamed and roasted chicken rice at Waterloo Centre Food Court is strongly recommended!

The Singapore Lyric Opera's production of Salome opens on 19 August and runs till 23 August (no show on 21st). Get your tickets now at SISTIC.

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