Saturday, February 16, 2013

Plays: 8 Women and For Better of For Worse

While The Mad Scene doesn't usually feature spoken plays, its quite a slow news day on the opera/vocal front, plus the rare occasion that I'm free to update it today, so here's information on two upcoming plays that you might be keen to catch:

8 Women by Sing'theatre:

A murder‐mystery play turned into a critically acclaimed movie of the same name with Catherine Deneuve.

Embark on a journey that explores the depths of the female psyche: seduction, love, hate, resentment, anger, despair, tenderness and jealousy. This production captures it all!

Set in France in the 1950’s, in a country mansion a few days before Christmas, the man of the house is found murdered! But who could have “dunnit”?

Isolated from the rest of the village it could only be one of the 8 women in the household. Was it his powerful and beautiful Singaporean wife (Tan Kheng-Hua), with a knife? His spinster sister‐in‐law (Serene Chen), with poison? His miserly mother‐in‐law (Neo Swee-Lin), with a rope? Or maybe it’s the seductive French chambermaid (Morgane Stroobant) or the devoted Indian housekeeper (Daisy Irani), with a pillow? The perfect elder daughter (Sophie Wee) and the playful younger one (Julia Abueva) are not beyond suspicion either. A surprise visit from the victim's sister (Kimberly Creasman) sends the household into more confusion!

As events unfold, we discover each woman has a motive, each a plan, and someone is hiding the biggest secret of all…Murder!

This murder‐mystery dark comedy, directed by multi award‐winner Samantha Scott‐Blackhall (Freud’s Last Session, Lord of the Flies, The Physicists), will keep you entertained and guessing till the very, VERY end!

(Ed: note that unlike the movie version mentioned above, there won't be any singing in this theatrical presentation, not that the whining from the movie's cast can be considered singing anyway.)


Checkpoint Theatre's For Better or For Worse:

Checkpoint Theatre is proud to present its first production for the year 2013 with For Better or For Worse by Faith Ng!

Directed by Claire Wong and starring Jean Ng and Julius Foo, For Better or For Worse is a poignant and provocative portrait of a marriage made in Singapore. It performs at the Drama Centre Black Box from 20 to 24 March 2013. Early bird promotions are available until 17 February 2013, and there is a Facebook photo contest for photos that capture the meaning of the enduring phrase "For Better or For Worse".

For Better or For Worse also marks and celebrates the launch of Checkpoint Theatre's Associate Artists scheme.In addition, our For Better or For Worse Facebook Photo Contest continues to run till next Friday, 22 Feb. Top prizes include SpaBoutique voucher and a Thalion Cosmetics Skincare set worth $250. This is a chance not to be missed!


Ticketing information available on the Events Page.

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