Sunday, February 17, 2013

[Sponsored Video] Monkey Thieves!!!

Don’t you love monkeys? They are so cute and adorable until they steal every last bit of food from your brand new Samsung refrigerator. It doesn’t help that the new features make it so easy for just about anyone to take things out and keeps food so deliciously fresh. What makes the Samsung refrigerator such an innovation? These three features show why it is superior to the one you currently have at home:

Delivering optimal freshness and unmatched convenience

No other refrigerator assures maximum freshness like the new Bottom Mounted Freezer. A CoolSelect zone lets users control the temperature of each compartment with a simple-touch button display, maximising freshness and allowing the space to be multi-purpose, allowing both vegetables and meat fresher to be kept longer. Among these innovative features is MoistFresh Zone, which controls the air circulation to maintain the most ideal humidity levels, creating an environment that can store vegetables and fruit freshly for a long time. The refrigerator’s Easy Slide shelf also makes large amounts of healthy fruits and vegetables accessible to the user. Additionally, a digital inverter compressor maintains perfect freshness by automatically adjusting its speed to internal and external condition. No Frost Technology prevents ice buildup inside the freezer and prevents water drop formation in the refrigerator that can leave stains.

Maximum organization with no wasted space

An Easy Slide shelf smoothly slides out to make easy storing and removal of groceries more efficient, without wasting space deep inside the drawer. In a regular refrigerator, the drawer’s small entrance does not allow the user to easily place large items. But a Full Open Box in the new Bottom Mounted Freezer can be pulled out fully so you can store and take out large food items easily without any unused space. The Full Open Box can be pulled out so that every corner can be used and easily remove large and bulky stuff. A wider and deeper Big Guard door shelf allows you to store big and tall bottles – great for large parties (such as CNY gatherings) that require many types of beverages. Now you can make the most of your refrigerator’s space with Samsung’s new Bottom Mounted Freezer.

Superior digital inverter technology improves energy efficiency

The new Bottom Mounted Freezer features Samsung’s superior digital inverter compressor that improves energy efficiency and cooling performance by automatically adjusting across five speeds of RPM in response to cooling demands. Whether due to frequent door openings, outside temperature changes or a hot plate of food, the compressor reacts fast to provide cold air or slow down to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

This bunch of monkeys demonstrates how easy it is to take things out of the new Samsung refrigerator:

Find out more on Samsung’s Website or follow Samsung on Youtube.

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