Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Piano Spa 7 - 'Moonlight Waves'

If you are feeling tired and emotionally drained, check out this 7th release of the Piano Spa series of piano instrumental music that promises to sooth your weary soul and lift your miserable spirit. The album is available for CD purchase and for download on iTunes. Here's more information:

Presenting the 7th Installment of Singapore's New Age Piano Spa Series

Piano Spa is an anthology of successful New Age Instrumental albums.

The Piano Spa series is a collection of original instrumental compositions that have been described by listeners as “healing”, “relaxing” and “inspiring”.Unknown to many, the Piano Spa series is probably the best-selling Instrumental series to emerge from our very own Singapore.

All 7 instalments of Piano Spa have been released in Asia, including the coveted territories of Japan and Korea, chalking up over 70,000 in sales units over the years. That is a remarkable feat for pure instrumental albums without vocals – and largely, without a face as well.

The Singaporean composer behind the Piano Spa series is Chester Tan.

Chester Tan is an award-winning Singapore composer who has published over 100 piano instrumental compositions under the “Piano Spa” title series. The series has been so successful that it has propelled Composer, Arranger and Producer, Chester Tan, to the status of a top local instrumentalist. Testament to this achievement is his 4-consecutive year win (from 2011 to 2014) at the annual COMPASS Awards as Top Local Composer – Instrumental and COMPASS Young Composer of the year for year 2011.

To freshen and reinvent the sound for the latest instalment of Piano Spa, Chester Tan teams up with another prolific local composer, Bevlyn Khoo. Bevlyn Khoo, who has previously released 5 vocal albums, makes her foray into Instrumental music by co-writing and contributing 10 tracks for this release.

Bevlyn Khoo states that “I have always been enthralled by the idea that music is a universal language, so when Chester raised the idea of a collaboration, I jumped at it. It's a new exploration for me to create stories without the use of any spoken language, and I'm glad that Chester and I have a newly found chemistry.”

Award-winning Singapore composer Chester Tan share his thoughts “While working on the last Piano Spa album in 2011, I met Bevlyn and developed a mutual appreciation for each other's talents. So, while planning Piano Spa 7, I asked her if she would be keen to write piano music.

Bevlyn is an experienced songwriter who understands the musical style that I was looking for in Piano Spa 7. Her compositions are melodious, catchy, and it has been a great delight producing her songs.

I have been composing for the Piano Spa series since 2005, producing over 100 tracks in 5 albums. I enjoy writing piano music because I find solace in writing them. Every song describes a part of my life, and each Piano Spa album is my music diary.”

Piano Spa 7 is out in stores today! Grab your copy at retail outlets or on iTunes now!

Here's a sample of highlights from the album:

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