Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SLO Children's Choir's 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' in Review - 13 Dec 2014

I attended a lovely concert by the kids of the SLO Children's Choir on Saturday night. Conducted by Rose Loh and accompanied by Aloysius Foong, the children sang and performed simple choreography in their colourful costumes, taking turns onstage with the Nanyang Children's Choir, conducted by Joyce Beetuan Koh and accompanied by Isaiah Koh,

The children from both choirs sang with bright, clear voices that charmed us over a wide variety of songs, all sung entirely from memory.  My favourite piece is La Noel passee, a traditional folksong arranged by Benjamin Britten, with its dark, dissonant piano accompaniment but retaining beautiful tonal parts for the children to sing. John Rutter's setting of All things Bright and Beautiful was also special to me as it brought back memories of myself singing it back in the day. 

Even more special are the two ensemble numbers performed by a group of young soloists, in Goh Si-Hua, Lily Knight Hassell, Marie Lespayandel and Samyukta Sounderraman in John Raymond Howell's arrangement of folksong The Angel Gabriel and Arthur Lee and Taehyung Lee in Giles Swayne's Joseph's Carol. It's nice to see young talents given the opportunity to sing solos on such a prestigious hall, and the young'uns are clearly ready for the moment. Keep up the good work guys, I look forward to hearing greater things from you!

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